Collect & organize the world’s best ideas

Collect & organize
the world's best ideas

Curate a knowledge library that contains the wisdom that you and others have already figured out

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What is Ontologue?

Ontologue is designed as a tool where you can write down personal mediations to yourself, your communities, or the world. Whether its a useful quote, lessons from a good book, insights from a deep conversation, or notes from your classes, Ontologue neatly organizes the most useful ideas you come across into a digital library.

Write Meditations

Write your ideas and thoughts down as they come to you, whether its a sentence or an essay. Each entry is known as a meditation. Can’t think of anything? Fork mediations from the best minds into your library.

Organize Your Library

Compile meditations into chapters, chapters into books, and books into shelves.

Share What You Know

Choose the parts of your library to share publicly. Merge parts other people’s libraries with your own.

Organize the world’s best ideas into your personal library

Write down life’s most important lessons. Marcus Aurelius used his work, “Meditations,” as a private journal, meaning “things to one’s self.” You can keep mediations private, or choose to share your mediations with others, so they can incoporate them with their own.

Stay organized. Organize mediations into chapters. Organize chapters into books. Organize books into shelves. Create libraries of useful knowledge, with shelves arranged by subject.

Separate signal from noise. Keep only the information and knowledge that is useful and meaningful in your life. Use Ontologue as a private journal, a blog, an academic repository, a useful quote bank, or a tool to maintain lists.

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